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Travelling Abroad with Controlled Medicines

There are certain requirements that must be followed before taking controlled medicines abroad. Controlled medicines can include anti-anxiety treatments, strong painkillers and some steroid-based prescriptions. These medicines are controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Before you depart, you will need to ask your GP for a letter that includes the dates of your trip, the amount of medicine you take and a signature of the person who prescribed your medication. Check the country that you are travelling to, as not all international countries have the same legal restrictions. For more information on travelling with controlled medicine, visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at https://www.gov.uk/travelling-controlled-drugs.

Remember if you lose your medication whilst you are on holiday, OK To Travel will cover up to a maximum of £300 for the necessary and reasonable cost of transporting medication to the insured lost or stolen during your trip. All receipts must be retained and produced in the event of a claim. This may be rejected if receipts are not produced. Click here to view our medical travel insurance benefits.

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