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Useful Mobile Apps for People with Disabilities

TextHear - Mobile App for the people with impaired hearing:

Whilst accessibility settings are available, I cannot find one on my mobile that allows me to record real-time speech to text and send as an SMS, email, or social media platform. Welcome TextHear, a mobile app created for people with a hearing impairment. Open the application to dictate speech-to-text as a message. During recording, the microphone can be paused and the notes are stored to return to later.

Wheelmap - Finding wheelchair accessible places:

Using GPS, a user searches an online worldwide map for nearby wheelchair accessible places including GP surgeries, restaurants and historical places of interest. Search and the app will return results indicating whether it’s an accessible place or not. What’s more, for unknown places, a user can add details and upload images.

Medisafe - Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker

This app has many features that enable a user to set reminders including a prescription reminder for when you are getting low on meds, share medications history with a family member or friend, and add the details of your doctor.

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