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World Kidney Day - Thursday 12th March 2020

World Kidney Day is a global campaign, celebrated every year with the sole purpose of raising awareness and reducing the impact of kidney disease.

OK To Travel Insurance will be supporting the National Kidney Federation on March 12th to raise awareness for kidney disease by hosting a series of company events including a bake sale! Please visit our Just Giving page to contribute, any donations are greatly appreciated.


The function that our kidneys perform can be explained in two simple steps, but the importance of this function, and the related complications including heart disease and fluid retention, can often be overlooked.

  1.  The sole purpose of healthy kidneys is to filter blood
  2.  This process removes waste products to make urine which then flows to the bladder through the ureters.

 The Kidneys also keep the electrolyte and water content of the body constant and secrete essential hormones.


The NKF have devised a few key points that can help you maintain or improve your kidney health:

  1. Monitor your blood pressure: High blood pressure accelerates kidney damage.
  2. Keep fit and active: This helps reduce your blood pressure
  3. Don’t smoke: Smoking slows blood flow to the kidneys, reducing functionality.
  4. Eat healthily and keep your weight in check.
  5. Get your kidney function tested.
  6. Keep well hydrated.

 For more information on the importance of healthy kidney function, or to contribute to World Kidney Day, please visit https://www.worldkidneyday.co.uk/.

Travel Insurance with Kidney Disease

 More than 1.8 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and it is certainly something that you should mention to your insurance provider.

If you're on dialysis, you will need to arrange to have it when abroad and normally, the renal unit at the hospital or your doctor can help with this. Please be aware, the cost to receive dialysis, other than as emergency treatment, will not be covered by your OK To Travel policy.

For those of you that are on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, you will need to inform the hospital who will remove you from the list for the period of travel.

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